Friday, June 10, 2011

...♪bless this beautiful morning....♫

...til its gone.♫

 These blooms last a bit longer than the morning,
but won't be with us for long.

 I am up early most mornings.
This is my "approach" to my morning bike ride to work.
With the blooms and the light this morning, I spent some extra time
wandering about the yard with my camera.
All before 6 am.
 This crabapple tree is really beginning to pop!
 I love these lilacs against the white sky,
 and here the grape is beginning to leaf out finally.
The grape and the scarlet oak are always very slow to leaf out.
Mike always thinks they are dying.
 All manner of columbine reside about the place.
They are all equally dramatic in my eyes!
 These are some of the "plain" ones,
plain yellow, and double baby pinks.
But they are still spectacular.
I wish I could capture the smell of this June morning for you!
It is indescribable!
And the ride to town, (despite the flat tire this morning....Bah!)
was gorgeous in both look and smell!
All and all,
a lovely approach to the day.

And do look up "God Bless this Beautiful Morning" the song by JT and the Clouds, and sung by one of my very faves, "Po'Girl"....
Let's see if I can find a link....

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