Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Zayne International

 Randy, Baby Zayne and I had a big day yesterday.
Randy came to my am yoga class, we went to work for 5 hours
 and then travelled to Sagle, Idaho to watch the Sagle 6th grade
presentation of "Romeo & Juliet".
After that we met Lorrie Stockwell for lunch at a wonderful little hippy place
and then travelled to Crawford Bay BC!
Baby Zayne was a trooper and neither border gave us any trouble.
Randy got a nice pair of earrings.
And I shopped in Crawford Bay and didn't spend a dime....
that is some kind of record.
Sadly, our favorite woodfired bakery is no longer there.
That one that was tucked back in the cedars that you wandered the hobbit path to.
The one that made the BEST chocolate filled rolls ever.
Yeah, we are in mourning.
A moment of silence please.

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