Friday, April 24, 2009

As the day progressed....

The snow quickly melted, nourishing the hardy little plants who have braved poking their heads through the soil! Delighting me with a patch or two of color here and there after all that white.
See "Curly", "Moe" and "Larry" enjoying the "warmer" waters of their pond! (It was iced over all winter with snow on top!)

Daffy #1 almost ready to open....I am sure the snow disuaded her a wee bit!

Melting snow cradled in the leaves of a lupine.

And the gorgeous red sprouts of my biggest peony, which has glorious deep red/hotpink flowers.


  1. I cannot get over how clear your stream is! and I hope you will post pics of the peonies when they bloom! i can't get mine to bloom!
    The three stooges.. did they freeze this winter then become reanimated?

  2. Your peonies might be planted too deep. That is what my old neighbor told me, if they won't bloom they might be planted too deep? And I fertilize the heck out of them, they seem to love manure! hee hee