Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Revelry

Friday January 16th, 2009~ Flat Iron Mountian, Montana.
We donned our gear and climbing skins and worked our way to the top.
the bottom was crusty and icy and we thought it might be one of those loud and scary days,
but we climbed through the crusty layer and broke out into sunshine and nice powder!
The skiing was superb!
"The cold was our pride, the snow was our beauty.
It fell and fell, lacing day and night together in a milky haze,
making everything quieter as it fell,
so that winter seemed to partake of religion in a way no other season did,
hushed, solemn."

Patricia Hampl

Here is what we fondly call the "yurt".
It is a tree that is covered with snow and the wind has blown it closed except for the doorway that you see. A "snow ghost".
We dig it out a bit more and make the "floor" flat and it is a good hide-away to get out of the wind and have a snack and warm up before the descent.

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