Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the next day.....

we skied.....again!
Saturday is the day Mike is on duty as a ski patroller.
This Saturday there was a potluck planned after skiing and a bunco party following the potluck.
Bunco is a dice game that I won't even try to explain, but it is raucous fun!
It seems that it works best with at least 4 tables and the winners change tables and we decided to change hats when we changed tables, however, I forgot to bring hats so we were short a few.
I had extra fun as I was the WINNER!
(OK, there was a tie and we decided to split the pot rather than roll for the winner and therefore have a loser! So I walked away with $30!)
Mike carpooled with a neighbor, so he had to leave before the game really got startedbut I spent the night as I am on duty on Sundays
You ring the bells to start a game, and when the head table gets 21 points, they ring the bell to end that portion of the game.

This is how "Vinnie", a fellow ski patroller, gets his potluck dish ready!
This is downstairs in Ski Patrol Headquarters and that heater keeps our patients
(and our feet!) warm.

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