Thursday, January 22, 2009


I spent the night in the ski patrol room with some friends.
I , luckily, ended up with the only bed!
So, early in the morning I was knitting in bed with a cup of tea before everyone was up and around and the other patrollers had arrived.
Once others arrived, they called me "granny" for knitting in bed!
Sunday, another day of skiing for me!
Today it was sunny on top of the mountain.
It was sunny for a little while on top yesterday,
but today the fog seemed to creep down a bit more.
You'll see in the photos the "lake" of fog.
It was very nice and cheery and warm in the sun, but that fog belt was very cold!

My skis taking in the sun while I sat my shift in the summit watch tower.

The Lake of Fog.

A fellow patroller, "patrolling"!
Just a little sun nap!

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