Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We got all this light fluffy snow and then it warmed up and actually rained and things got kind of ugly for a day untill it snowed again, this made the roof slide. But the dormers are not as steep as the roof so they didn't completely slide. They had to be encouraged......

Here is Mike in the bathroom window with a shovel (that you cannot see) "encouraging" the heavy snow off the dormers.

Here is kind of a side angle view of the snow and icy hanging precariously from the dormer and over the lower roof. If this builds up a bunch and is heavy with ice, when it hits the roof below it causes damages and the screws come out of the roofing. It sounds like an earthquake must sound and the force has actually knocked things off the walls!

This is my art table and I usually have a great view out the window, as you can see, the snow nearly blocked my entire view.

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