Thursday, January 22, 2009

And Monday!

These are two of my little friends, Mazzy and Paige, they are sort of neighbors.
The baby beagle is Jack. The girls called him "Jack Cheese".
His owner is a skier so we expect to watch him grow up at Turner at least in the winter.
The girls being independant, riding unassisted by adults!
And note the star spangled chair, that is chair 1, AKA "Arts Chair"
Art proposed to his new wife, Dolly, in that chair during the summer a year or two back. (Art and Dolly, the newlyweds, are in their very late 70's!) Anyway, all kids are enamoured with this chair. We finagled it so the Mazzy and Paige got to ride up on this chair today, they were delighted and bouncy and I was afraid they might jiggle right out of it!

We had quite the fun day! I had forgotten that little girls are like a pile of puppies!
What great enthusiasm and energy they evoked!
When they weren't skiing they were wrestling and cutting up!
And here ends my 4 day weekend!
Now I must figure out when I am going to get my household chores done before the next ski weekend! At least Turner isn't open next Monday so I can try and catch up then.

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