Sunday, December 2, 2012


I visited a fancy yarn store a few weeks back and really lusted after all the gorgeous multi-colored skeins, but they far exceeded my budget.
I found some super cheap wool online and was inspired to create my own.
I am super pleased with the results!
I picked up this round, baby pink table cloth for a quarter at the local second hand store and since the dyes were mixed, I went a little crazy! I got the how to fold a mandala instructions off YouTube and now I wish I had more table cloths to fold and dye. I am thinking this could be fun outside next summer.
It is pretty festive!
Or perhaps I will do a "give away" like so many bloggers do, just tell me in the comments your grand plan for this colorful creation and I will choose a winner Wednesday afternoon!

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  1. Those are GREAT crafts! I'll grab some whites when I come for Christmas, and hopefully we can tie-dye some more! I want to learn the mandala fold.

    1. WhoooHooo!
      My only reply! Looks like you are the "lucky" winner!!!
      shall I mail it or wait to see you in person?