Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Over the Weekend...

I love the quote from the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey, (don your best British accent)
"just what is a week-end?"
Ha! wouldn't that be a nice question to have to ask!

The day before the supposed "End of the World" we had a little soiree at the DEQ Troy Information Center. The folks that work at the processing lab out back joined the three of us that work at the info center for a holiday party. It was good food and good fun.

Winter officially started.
We celebrated as we traditionally have, great food, great fellowship, lots of laughs, and the exchange of stocking presents.

The Solstice was celebrated without a bon fire on Friday evening. All of our good burn piles look like big fluffy mounds of snow right now. It is SO lovely at home, a real old fashioned winter, no sign of global warming at this point on our little spot on the map. The trees and brush are all staying covered, tucked in. Everything is blanketed in white. The snow softens everything, hides the ugly, dampens the sounds, it is wonderful!
The local mine is shut down right now too, has been for the most of the month, that really quiets the neighborhood. We cannot hear any mine operation, it is 11miles away, but the traffic associated with shift change can be loud at times, we can hear the highway when we are outside. But with the shut-down and the snow, our world is quiet even when we are outside.
{there have been earth rumblings, even a small earthquake, and the mine is closed for safelty reasons till the earth becomes still again.}

Turner Mountain, our local ski hill, opened Saturday. We had nearly a record crowd [270+ excited skiers!] and heaps and piles of really good snow and only one groomed run, and as ski patrollers, I am excited to report the only injury was a cut nose from a good face slappin' from a close encounter with a tree, nothing a little butterfly bandage and an ice pack couldn't fix. {the ego might be the most damaged from the encounter!}
Mike and I skied (and patrolled) Christmas Eve day. It was better snow, and fewer people, but the legs were not quite as perky!

Christmas was quiet. Just the two of us. Dinner at the mayors in Troy. Awesome food & great company! And an early quiet evening at home.

Now we embark on the last days of the year 2012.
A new journey into a new year!
The promise of any journey is that it will give you what you ask, with cascades of things you never knew you needed, if you are committed, if you are willing to bushwhack through the brambles to get it.
Where will you go?
What do you want?
What are you willing to do to achieve these things?

A new journey is beginning.
What will you do with yours?

Welcome Winter!
Ease through the end of this year with fond memories and meditations & promises of new beginnings!
Shine On!

{no fotos. I can't make myself pay to post fotos. still looking at my options. looking like some kind of new blog/communication beginning in the coming year.....or maybe just posts without fotos!)

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