Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This may be the end...

I tried to upload fotos over the weekend and it doesn't work anymore.
I thought it was because I was doing it from my ipad and perhaps there was a glitch.
I tried from a real desktop computer today, and Yes! there is a glitch!
Google/Blogger someone bigger than me, wants money now.
I guess I am out of foto storage.
Now I will have to pay by the month.
So I am re-evaluating what this blog is about and what it means to me.
This may be the end!
I may start another one.
Or I may just stop.
I don't really know who is looking and what it means to them.
The few people that I do know are looking, well, I am thinking I communicate with them on a pretty regular basis and we can find another way to share images.
I haven't been terribly good at posting and taking fotos of late either.
I got a replacement (for my stolen in Spain) camera and I am not at all in love with it.
I started this blog in December to share fotos with family, and it very well could be that I am ending in December as well.
I'll keep you posted where I go from here.
It has been fun!


  1. same thing happened to me recently! i don't think you are out of photo storage, they just want $$$. let me know what you decide to do, i'm watching and motivated by what you post... pictures are worth a thousand words!

  2. This happened to me too. supposedly out of storage, must sign up for monthly payments if you want to continue!
    i wonder how many thousands of blogs will go down!? so what happens..
    i pay them every month for the rest of my life or my blog disappears!??
    i love your blog, and your pics and your art projects!

  3. Hello there! I am planning on making up a new design for our new year's printable! I love that you have such awesome plans for them. I'll be sure and have them up on the blog after Christmas. If you need them before the Holiday let me know and I would gladly email you an updated version of last years.

  4. Oh rats! I looked into other blog sites. There are free ones.
    I could create another blog on blogger.....I am looking into a blog book to have an archive of this blog.
    Decisions, decisions.
    I love your blogs, Julie and Meaghan. That is our solid connection, it is worth the $2.49 per month. But somehow it just rubs me wrong that "they" are doing this to US!
    No decisions on my part yet.

  5. Well drats! This is the first I've heard of the blog fees. That's a g-dang bummer. I guess I'll be reevaluating my blog life as well. I've been terrible about blogging lately, but only due to a lack of time, not of activities! I'm anxious to hear everyone's decisions.