Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apple Season

Ah! A 3 day weekend.
One extra day around the place is such bliss!
The transparent apples are ripe and now they are picked
and most are processed.
Here is a view of my garden from the branches of the tree.

I used a short ladder and picked.
Then I climbed and picked.
And there were still apples I couldn't reach.
So I got some assistance!
As I was literally "out on a limb" I looked over my shoulder
and saw this! There didn't seem to be any life......
Some of the harvest.
As you pick, lots of apples fall to the ground.
Transparents are very thin skinned and bruise if you breathe on them.
So I had a separate trug for those that hit the ground.
They look ok for a little while and then they look aweful,
so I processed the "grounders" first.
Before and After.
And the dryer full of "leather".
My first attempt at fruit leather.
It is delicious! Oh My!
I used applesauce.
I used blueberries.
I used applesauce and blueberries together.....
I used fresh apples mixed with blueberries, delish!
Tonight I try just fresh apples in the blender!
I hope it works because it will allow me to skip that whole cooking step!

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