Friday, September 7, 2012


Well, to start off,
note that the post title is plural.
I was piddling about on a little painting when
 I got home from work last night,
thinking that I really ought to be outside
enjoying the day and doing one of a thousand
yard/garden chores that need attention,
when I heard a weird noise.
I looked up from my drafting table
and saw the makers of the noise,
a mama bear and her 3 babies!
3 babies!
They were all fluffy and shiny and quite healthy looking.
They were all hanging out under the apple tree
that you were introduced to in yesterdays post.
The apples were already harvested by us.
But one little bear managed to get WAY out on a limb
and find one or two we were unable to get.
I ran out with the camera, they didn't see me.
Then I got thinking about that whole protective mama thing, and I went back in
 and observed from the window.
Mama and two babies wandered off leaving one baby in the tree.
I went out again; then tree baby started making baby bear noises
I didn't know what they meant, so I went back in
just in case it was saying,"hey ma! There is some human here
near the tree and I am scared, come save me!"
The family wandered off.
I heard them in the trees near the creek
and then nothing.
Mike got home.
We went and looked at the trees by the creek to see if
they had damaged them.
They hadn't. They didn't eat the apples either.
So Mike picked them.
I went to the garden for some dinner.
Here is what I found.
We had rice with brocoli and gilled planks of zuchini
drizzled with garlic infused olive oil and balsamic
with a grilled neighbor grown pork chop on the side.
I made applesauce while Mike cut up the remaining whole apples.
One more night of apple processing and we will be done with the transparents.
We have 3 more trees to harvest, but they are late ripeners,
so we get a break.
They are "keepers" too, so we just pick them and store them
for eating fresh.

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  1. I love the sounds of your life and your daily adventures! I want to BE YOU but without the bear family!