Friday, August 31, 2012

Turner Mountain

We spent last Saturday on the ski hill.
Yep! A Saturday in August on the ski hill!
We started our ski patrol training early.
This is chairlift evacuation training.
I took the above foto as I was rappelling off the chair.
This is a fellow patroller lowering himself down,
I am still on the chair.
The view from the chair near the top of the lift.
That is the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in the background,
Mt. Tom and the saddle in the foreground.
 This is when we first started,
down near the lift line, we just filled some chairs
and then rode a little way and evcuated.
We do self evacuation and passenger evacuation.
This year we did an exercise where we evacuated a "sit-ski"
since we have a disabled skier who frequents the hill,
and for future disabled skiers.
We also learned and practiced ascending.
Here is a fellow patroller ascending.
The rope in the foreground, (upper corners of the foto)
are held by me, I am the anchor,
one patroller holds the other end of the rope and K is ascending to
help the kid in the chair with evacuation.
(the kids in the chair was a gung-ho helper and din't need help really
he was just helping us out so we could practice ascending!)
It was great fun!
The day couldn't have been more perfect.
The huckleberries were gorgeous, but teeny.
We ended the day with a potluck BBQ.

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