Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Before and After

It was a labor of Love.
Jay pressure washed the building, twice.
Mark scraped and painted.
I did the organization and painted the trim.
Mark also helped me patch up the oak barrels,
the metal rings had slipped and they were falling apart.
Now our office is much lovelier!
We are proud.
We are also working on the grounds.
The City (we lease from the City of Troy)
has promised fertilizer and loaned us the week whacker.
After several years of mowing and watering, we have
green stuff, we call it a "lawn".
I planted hollyhocks and sunflowers and other things that
needed thinned at home.
Just last week, I got Mark to till another patch and he donated some compost from home
and I intend to do some more planting when the weather cools a bit.
I also planted some baby conifer trees.
One day our work campus will be verdant!
Downtown Troy, Montana.
That is City Hall down there by that jeep.
The Kootenai River is between City Hall and that hill
that you see in the background.

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