Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Last night I was upstairs putting some laundry away
when I heard a rustling that wasn't a normal rustling.
(this wood pile is roughly 60 feet from the back door)
Turns out it was this guy.
He was pulling down branches and then sitting on them while he ate
the service berries, (also called june berries or saskatoons).
I watched for quite some time.
If Mike had been home, he would have run him off right away,
but I wanted to watch and wanted to get some fotos
before I ran him off.
After I had taken these shots, I swung the door open loudly,
started clapping, and yelling, "git outa here"!
He ran off startled and then stopped.
I had to run out after him a bit, shouting to get him to high tail it for real.

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