Monday, April 12, 2010

First Camping Trip of the Year

We got invited to a 60th Birthday Bash that was at a location about 50 miles from our house and I thought that was just too far to drive home after a potentially wild party and with all the deer grazing on the fringes of the road with all the new spring we busted out the camper for the first time of the season! And what a treat that was! Early spring camping, with all the ammenities.....well, no toilet or shower, but, Hey! It is not really camping if you have those!
This is the view from the bunk, or the kitchen table, they are really very close to on another! Kootenai River just downstream of the Dam.
A view from the waters edge of the camper.
Another view from camp.
Mike was worried that the camper might leak, {he found some water on the floor last year after our Labor Day Weekend trip...but I poured water on the roof while he looked and we din't find any leakage} and that the heater was going to be too loud, {he was working on stuff a few nights before our departure and the heater sounded really bad, but he did some magic to it and it was FINE, but he packed us earplugs just in case!}  and it did get rather chilly Friday night, but we didn't have a thermo with us so we don't really know how cold it was!
But we did great! We were warm and comfy.
We left the party about midnight, I was glad we weren't driving home then!
We drove up the road about 3 miles and found a sweet little spot, VERY developed but, HEY! We were the only ones there AND we were going to fast asleep really soon!
Mike brought a back up battery as the truck battery was the original that came with the truck (craiglist, baby!) and he was afraid it would not support the did fine all night, but he was corrrect {as usual!} and the next day when we were all packed up, in the truck seats, NO POWER! Rats.
He tinkered with it while I walked to the road and flagged down assistance and we were running in no time.
We did go to Libby and buy a new battery before our second night out though!

See the Dam.
Not the best view from camp, but I thought I'd show you the not-so-good stuff too!


  1. Wow.Neat truk/camper.No terlet? You guys must be mean on the last day of a 3 day weekend.
    Ultra cool tree! Glad you were ABOVE dam. Dam smart.
    Too bad your truk doesn't have a crank on it. Mine does.One crank is all. Then you have to stop at the nearest hospital to have yer armbones reset.Hey...that's camping.
    Best-Unc Jeffrey

  2. That is the cragilist truck and the craigslist camper! $100 bucks for that camper! gotta love it! It does have a crank, to pop the top up! Pretty slick deal. ~m