Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Walks

Each day, around lunchtime, I have been taking a 30 minute walk around Troy.
We have a beautiful park along the Kootenai River with a fishing pond, all manner of birds and flowers and kids playing and people launching thier fishing is a nice diversion, gets the blood flowing and suffices in keeping spring launched in my heart.

So, last week I was walking with Randy, from my office, and two big fish trucks from British Columbia pulled in. they said B.C. Trout on them, and I knew we didn't get trout from BC as we have our own hatcheries, so I asked them what they we up to. They were transporting Kootenai River white sturgeon that were hatchery raised in BC.
I got to hold fish and release some fish! It was SO wonderful to play with fish again, it really made me wish that I worked fish again. It really made my day!
I had never seen baby sturgeon and they are fantastic. Here are the fotos that Randy took with her phone.

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  1. wowww.. the sturgeon looks wild! he looks like a prehistoric fish alrighty. I cant believe they let you HELP! how cool!