Monday, April 5, 2010

eAsTeR Sunday Drive

And we drove s-l-o-w too, just like old fogies...we are practicing for the day that we really are and I think we are going to be great at it! (or Mike will be anyway!)
Mike spotted these tracks while driving, I was gawking off in the other direction, looking everywhere but the road, {O how I love to be the passenger!} so we had to stop and investigate.
Large canine tracks in big groups, we called them wolf tracks since we were many miles from civilization AND there were no other vehicle tracks on the road as you will see in this next foto. ANd see how large they are, compared to my large hand!
We drove all the way to Idaho, the back way. A road that I had been halfway on and Mike hadn't been that far on it, so it was a first for both of us, call it an adventure!

The Kootenai River as seen from the "other side"...the backroads version! Looking downstream. FYI, the mighty Kootenai originates in British Columbia and flows south into Montana, where we Americans dammed it up, it travels further south into Libby and then it turns west and flows through Troy and on into Bonners Ferry Idaho.  5 miles outside of Bonners it turns again and returns to British Columbia travelling north. So, in essence, it makes a big bow shape through the US. So for our Easter outing we followed it into Idaho on a sunny Sunday.


  1. Wow!! Those are GiNormous tracks.. and seeing how we saw one in your back yard that time. I don't doubt your wolf diagnosis! very cool! what a fun roadtrip! WHile you were driving super slow did you sing songs too?

  2. i love those serendipitous days. very cool memories, gorgeous views. good for you for never taking our backyard for granted!
    johanna wants to make a date to walk through ross creek cedars sometime.