Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping Night 2

Saturday was a gorgeous day but a bit breezy which made it cold, but lovely to have sun.
We found our next camp site and then went to Libby to get the new battery.
We came back to camp, set up and then hiked around a bit.
Our camp site had a little stack of wood all ready to go near the fire ring and a nice view of the reservoir. This time we were above the Dam, which made me more comfortable!
Here is our spot.

I climbed this perfect climbing tree, conveniently right in camp.
So, I climbed the tree and hung out and took in the views.

Looking down the bole of the tree.
See those perfectly spaced limbs?
What a wonderful tree!


  1. what fun trips! I want a camper now! YAY!
    it's like the mobile after party station! I wish there was a pic of you in the tree! hee hee

  2. i like your new quote about perfect and good

  3. I was hoping someone woudl notice the quote! It is a GEM isn't it!
    I tried to get Mike to tak e foto of me in the tree, but he wouldn't, I do have one with part of my leg and my boot in it though!