Monday, July 27, 2009

Yaak Wilderness Festival

This is a puppet from a few years ago when "the puppet lady" came to Troy and the local students created these fabulous puppets over the course of several weeks and then had a parade and puppet show. Part of the " puppet project" was for the kids to learn about the communities heritage and to talk about what their perceptions of the community were and to incorporate these concepts into puppets and act it all out.
The puppets always show up at Yaak Wilderness Festival, but randomly at other events around town too. This tree guy started dancing as soon as the sun dropped over the mountain and Sol Jibe started playing! I took a movie of it but it was too dark to really see.
Below is Mike in our shady spot by the River where we got a great side view of the stage.
Sol Jibe!
On the mainstage with the Kootenai River in the background.

Usually the Yaak Wilderness Festival is in Yaak.
But the venue at which it is usually held was unavailable this year
so it was moved to Roosevelt Park in Troy.
It was a fun party, but it did lack the charm of the Yaak.

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