Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July In Troy!

A sampling of some of the highlights of the Troy Fourth of July Parade!
This camo pick-up was hauling some Jesus, bibleschool trailer filled with kids and bible verses and bible thumpers.....Go figure!
To the best of my knowledge, or my best deduction, I should say, this was once a VW van and now it is a motorcycle......Cross genderizing your vehicle Troy style.

The Libby Heritage Float.
There is a large Scandinavaian population in Libby and they even have Nordic Fest there.
At Nordic Fest they have great activities like the boulder toss and the fish toss, I guess they like to toss things for fun up north!

Nothing like bathing in public!
What the Heck?!

Just because.
What is a parade without a superhero?
(in longjohns, and it was HOt out!)
More to come, stand-by!

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