Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Views from the bike trip to work...am

In the beginning,
here I go heading down the driveway....
1/3 mile later I am on the highway!

6 miles later, after descending a curvy hill, I am crossing Lake Creek.
(See the bench above in the fog? That is the top of the curvy hill)

Another three miles later I am cruising through this scenic, tree lined lane, (Lake Creek Road, I only ride the highway for 3 miles and then turn off on the "scenic route to avoid traffic).

At the intersection of Lake Creek Road and Highway 2
about to descend into Troy.

It rained hard last night, accompanied by athunder and lightning show.
The world was soaked this morning with quite a lot of rising fog.
As you can see, it was still slightly dark in the drivway this morning and the sun was cresting the mountians and shining brightly on the Kootenai River when I reached Highway 2.
The smell was unbelievably wonderful this morning, that fresh rain scent.
I saw twin fawns on Chase Cut-Off Road.
Aaaaah! The life!
I will try to capture the trip home, there are some things of interest I missed this morning, but the streams and roads look prettier in the morning light.
(All fotos taken from the seat of my bicycle while in motion)

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