Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I assume that most of you that visit this blog do so for the fotos; since I typically don't write much and because the fotos are the overall theme of the blog. I started this to share the images of my days and some bits of inspiration I find along my path.
I have become aware since I embarked my Europe adventure that more people are looking, following along.
That realization is a wee bit intimidating and fun by the same token. It is humbling to become aware that so many people are interested.

I have had many inquiries and worried e-mails since I have been absent.

Here is the scoop on the absence: Mike and I flew to Barcelona and I was promptly liberated of my handbag full of the comforts of home for me, in essence, my security blanket. My travel essentials. My ipad, camera, wallet, passport, journals, knitting, all sorts of things that kept me occupied.
The items that helped pass the time on busses, trains, planes, evenings in hostesl, hotels, guestrooms and ALL the images gathered from the trip.

This event happened Easter weekend, which is a huge holiday in Spain, so everything was shut down and we had to wait till Tuesday for the consulate to open so that I could get a passport to travel home.
Thankfully my friend, Randy, prompted me to scan all my documents and I promted Mike to do so as well, so that was covered. I had copies of everything and that made the experience much better.
That didn't alleviate the feeling that we were hostages in Barcelona, a city we hadn't intended to spend much, if any, time in.  Now we know it well. We may have canvased the entire thing! Well, we didn't visit the Olympic Park, but I think that is it! We are thoroughly informed of our completely inadequate Spanish skills!

I got a temp. passport and the trip home was happily uneventful.
I mourn the loss of the bag and its contents, but have even mostly moved past that now too.

I hadn't checked e-mails since we got home to Montana, and I got an opportunity to do so today.
There were two e-mails from the Barcelona Police, in spanish. I translated them using google AND, they have my bag and my passport!!! They didn't mention anything other than that.
So tonight I stay up late and call the police and the consulate and facilitate the return of my stolen bag!
Seems like a miracle to me!
Send out those good vibes that I get everything back! Some people think I am crazy to even HOPE, but I think HOPE is powerful! The fact that they even have my bag is amazing!

So standby for all the gorgeous Holland fotos! (Alas, there are no fotos of Barcelona, and it was a fotographers dream!)

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  1. My heart goes out to you. The journals and photos cannot be replaced. I will keep my things well guarded but I'm sure you did too and I have another friend who was robbed in Barcelona so I'm aware of how skilled the thieves here are. I hope you move quickly on from this unfortunate experience and it sounds like you have.