Monday, April 2, 2012


Walking down the road from the castle, these were some sights.
I didn't go into the castle, it took me awhile to navigate and settle in and get rid of my luggage, by then I didn't have tons of time for that kind of thing so I just wandered in awe.

The Grassmarket. This is a bustling hub of activity! There as several hostels and I thought I might stay in one, I had made a connection in Ireland to meet at the backpackers hostel, but I guess I am getting too old! Everyone was quite full and was hoisting some kind of electro-jam in their adjacent bar and I would have been rooming with at least 5 others. With a 6 am departure time, it just wasn't realistic!

So I am in a B&B in a quieter neighborhood. It is quite nice and there are some pubs down the street.

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