Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Assistance

A hearty thank-you to my cousin, Meaghan, for making the blog fotos bigger each time I post.
Posting from the ipad through blogpress doesn't allow me to manipulate the fotos and a few other small things that I can normally do, so Meaghan has taken this on for me stateside and I really appreciate it.

Right now we are staying at this uber modern hotel in Amsterdam that has a wonderful space filled with mac computers where we are booking our flight to Barcelona for when we get out of the saddle after our 4 day bike/barge adventure. Look up the citizenM hotels! It has been quite the lodging experience!

We are not sure what we are up to today. Getting a late start heading out. But, Hey! we are on holiday!
The weather is waffling between sun and light clouds and we haven't stepped out to see how chilly it is, but the wind here, even if it it light, cuts to the bone. We found ourselves standing near buildings in the sunlight to rewarm yesterday. Some of those streets are like a canyon in the wind, our routes became dependant on the sunny sides of streets and which way the breeze was coming from!

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