Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Smooth Skating

 We have had the weirdest winter.
Over-all pretty mild.
Barely any snow, in fact, the only show around right now
is the stuff left in frozen piles from the plow.
 The Lakes did freeze early on.
But the ice has been weird and transitional.
I keep checking.
 It rained night before last, seems like all night long.
It was so warm, it rained way up high....Ugh!
But Jim checked the ice (he lives on Savage Lake)
and look at this!
He called me immediately!
 I mostly leave my skate bag in the car at all times,
Just in case!
It is SO difficult to be at work and not out playing on the ice!
As you can see,
I will be delayed getting home every evening
till the weather turns!
Hoping for a clear, cold Friday!

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