Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday the 13th

 Bull Lake.
The ice here is fabulous, even beter than Savage Lake
AND the sun is shining!
 This is a natural spring area. It usually freezes though.
This open water impeded us from skating to the south end of the Lake.

 This is the usual compression fracture at the north end of the Lake.
The ice crystals here were amazing.
Actually, they were amazing everywhere.
In places it looked like we were skating on labradorite!
 Mike arrived a bit later from working.
Upped the entertainment factor a few notches!

 And they skated off into the sunset!
Al Fantozzi came out with his axe and chopped the ice to check depth, 7 inches, he says.
Then he went for a hike in the woods.
Note: there is no snow. It is SO weird!
 Speaking of weird!
Playing with the self timer a bit!
Yes, and sadly, there was a murder on the ice.
They left a lot of forensic evidence...
coors light drinkers, they were, go figure!
shotgun shells were also left on the ice.
The broken bottles and shotgun shells were encased in the ice.
We put this guys head back on for him!

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  1. mike, you have got some MOVES!!
    love the pics, hopefully we will see you friday @ turner! wait till you see my new fat skis, i'm praying for pow to really let em loose.