Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday Night-Keb Mo

No photos.
I just didn't feel the urge to get the camera out.
There were 3 bands that night with long intermissions between.
It was a mellow night with mellow acts and it was a good time to bond
with the blanket and chair.
The Festival is such a good and laid back place to take in a show.
The osprey are flying about as their nests are atop the stadium lights,
(it is at the HS football field right on the Lake),
everyone has their picnic blankets and bottles of wine
 and kids are running around everywhere,
dancing and having fun.
It is decorated by a local nursery, so the plants and flowers and trees and park benches
make it very serene and homey, and the food smells are divine!
The finest local restaurants all have booths, there is too much good stuff to choose.
Most of all everyone is happy and revelling and noone is a stranger.

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