Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Cocolalla

Great Blue visitor.
Both mornings I awakened early and took a dip and then went back to bed to snooze and read.
This foto is on morning 2 when it was real early and the sun wasn't yet over the horizon.
It was actually much brighter than this shows and very orange and yellow.
That black blurr in the sky is the heron before he landed on the beach.
Gorgeous!But my photography skills weren't able to cover it.

The heron flew onto the beach just after I snapped this foto so I snapped one of him (at least I think it was a "him" but how do you tell?) too, but it just turned out black!
 I was glad when he came back in full daylight and let me have another chance.
 {I am sure it was the same one! ;-0}

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