Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lake Life

Ripple marks in the sand through the crystal clear mountain water.
View from the deck while holding a fine glass of wine, syrah, to be precise.
Z is a gracious host. He seems to love our company!
 He even shares his fine wines.
We love him and his Lake place and Cally the dog; at least Cally will swim with us,
 Z seems to have an adversion to getting wet this summer.
see that "thing" floating out there? That is an inflatable island.
It is a great place to escape when the dog that lives here doesn't get
the hint that we don't want to throw the rock for her to fetch anymore!
The spot from which we dive.
Yonder shore is our destination when we swim across.
I cannot remember the exact measurement in yards, but the
translation is: roughly 1/2 mile to yonder shore.
After the swim,
Across the Lake and back, that is.
This is my life in the summer in Montana.

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