Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We took a trip.
We began by taking the "red-eye" flight from Spokane WA to Portland, Maine.
We arrived in Maine Monday morning bright and early.
One morning, Molly and I awakened bright and early and drove to the coast (10 minutes away) to watch the sun rise. Perhaps you can see the silhouette of the rocks and some shine from the water in the above foto.
Here is the house, built in 1870, that Molly and her beau, Costa just bought.

Here is another view of the house, it is inside those trees if you look carefully.
Isn't it a beautiful landscape?

And here is a big magical tree in the yard.

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  1. WHat a DREAM house! AMAZING!
    One of my favorite moves is from the 80s called Baby Boom where DIane Keaton a busy business woman ends up 'inheriting' a cousins baby and moves to the country to a Goregous old farmhouse like this.. and starts a baby food busines and lives her bliss!!
    This house ROCKS! The trees are good guardians too!