Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gillette Castle State Park

That is the Connecticut River in the background from above on the hillside.

A tunnel, I believe a small train used to run through.

Gillette Castle State Park
This is a grand place on the Connecticut River.
There is actually a castle made of craggy stone.
I did not take any fotos of it, but google it, it is fascinating!
The grounds are lovely and great to explore during any season.
I have even taken a moonlight stroll through and the shadows
from the big deciduous trees are very dramatic!
Mikes parents live maybe a 1/2 mile away tops,
their yard and neighborhood look like this!
Here ends the vacation fotos, finally!
Now I can start taking more fotos closer to home!
Stay tuned!

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  1. What amazing pictures this looks like a place where the 'lady of the lake' was.
    I really love Mollys house and the green house too! It is just like here but way better!(more trees) hee hee