Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Backcountry skiing

Heading to St. Paul Peak to do some backcountry skiing.
Getting pulled by a fat rope with a bike tire tube tied to it.
My immediate view of the scenario.

If you can make out that body of water through the fog, it is Noxon Reservoir.

The up track,
thankfully made by another party entering the wilderness just before us.
It is a nice bonus to not have to actually make the first up track in deep snow! Definitely gives the legs and the lungs a break and makes it so you might possibly make more than one run.
Due to unfortunate circumstances, (the snowmobile driver failing to negotiate a large drift~ we did a warm-up work-out of intense shovelling and snowmobile wrestling so the pre-set up track was a welcome morale boost! ) we were only able to make 3/4ths of a run and still not quite get out before dark!

1 comment:

  1. This looks like WAY funner than what Im doing today! Weehaw!
    I couldnt ski my way out of a hilly horse pasture (ive tried) - but it sure looks like fun!