Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

We had an office Halloween Party.
We kept the office open past business hours
and handed out candy to trick or treaters,
but we asked that they perform tricks
for treats. This was GREAT
entertainment for us!
Our faces hurt from laughing!
Jay's familys faces just hurt!
They were the zombi family.
I thought they looked the
Jordan Family car wreck!

I forgot my pumpkins at home that morning,
thankfully Barb brought hers in
along with the "traditional" (snort)
carved pineapple!

Here is one of our tricksters!
This ninja also did some fancy ninja moves for us!
We had a great time!
We had the table fully decorated and loaded
with apetizers.
We had adult beverages.
Most of us were costumed.
We had to dash out and recruit trick or treaters!
The parents seemed to really love watching their children
come up with tricks and then perform them!
We are now trying to drum up an excuse to have another
shindig at the office.
We are also brainstorming ideas for next Halloween
to make it even better!

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