Thursday, October 13, 2011


My friend, Tony, was raised in this historic boarding house in downtown Troy.
He and his wife had a Montana Fish Taco feed on Sunday evening and I was invited.
The fish was northern pike that they had recently caught and as ever, with Valeries cooking,
it was stupendously delicious!
This is the kitchen of the old boarding house. Tony still lives here.
I LOVE this old wood cook stove!
It gets used to make the very best meals!
Tony said that when he was little and then when his kids were little, they would sit on the oven door in the mornings before the house was warm.
That is how big this stove is.
I could actually sit on that oven door, but you could line up probably 3 kindergartners on it.
The food that is cooked on this is better than regular food, just because!

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