Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple Harvest

 Even though the apple tree is ensconced in the garden fencing,
the bear in the neighborhood sniffed out the apples and was
doin its very best to try and get at them.
 I actually saw it up on its hind legs shaking the fence
so that the tree branches would shake and the apples fall!
We could see where it had attempted to scale a fence post
and it actually had some success, as it broke a branch off the tree.
 I was waiting for a harder frost to set the sugar, but with all this action
I could wait no more, the apples had to be picked or the tree could get ruined.
I was babysitting for baby Zayne, and I was not sure how she would feel about
my picking apples, but as you can see, she had no problem with spending
a couple hours in the garden!
"look, Ma! NO hands!"
Randy did show up to help out. 

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