Friday, August 5, 2011

Festival at Sandpoint 2011

Another year of the Festival at Sandpoint.
Another wonderful time spent picnicing to great music, 
playing on the Lake,
and visiting with friends.
This year Mike had a meeting on the night of the  Brandi Carliisle show so I took Natassia.
The folks beside us were playing with a fancy new camera and took our fotos,
 a lot.
At the end of the show they gave us their business card and said that if we sent them an e-mail,
 they would send us fotos. Below is one of their shots.
Mike also had a meeting the night of the Josh Ritter performance,
and neighbor Barb gladly joined me for her first ever visit to the Festival.
We camped on the Lake and had a great time!
That guys in the glasses, playing the bass was a wonderful entertainer and played many instruments WELL! We were smitten! Josh called him something like "Zachariah Obadiah Book of Revelations Hickman", I will have to look him up and see what I find!
(Ok, I looked him up on brought back memories of the performance and just how good he really was! AND that twirly mustache is the bomb! Oh My! Look up Zach Hickman when you get a chance!)

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