Monday, August 22, 2011


 As Mike and I were having an evening dinner on the back deck, we had this beautiful visitor in the pond.
 A couple of times one of the fish would swim up to investigate,
 probably looking for a  bit of dinner of their own!
We bought that glass ball during the Lake Pend Orielle Art show at City beach during the Festival.
We bought it from a guy named Zeus who was wearing a kilt that appreared to be constructed of carhartt material. We asked if the ball would float, he said, "for sure", well it does, but it floats all cock-eyed. We didn't ask if it would float prettily! So here it rests on this piece of "driftwood" in the pond.
And we laugh.
 Here you can see the fish in the background, I think that is Curley.
I love the reflection on this shot.

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