Friday, July 8, 2011


 Is "should" a regular part of your vocabulary?
 I think it hides from us what we really want.
In many ways it’s more insidious than being actively nasty, because of that constant distraction. It makes us subservient to our thoughts.
 Pay attention

Language is enormously powerful. Pay attention to your words and thoughts. Notice each time you use should. When you first stop using the s-word, it can feel as if your thoughts are half-formed. This is a good thing, you’re growing!
Start substituting other words and phrases.

Can you say “I want”? If not, is it “I must”? How about “I choose to”? Can you see how each of these changes the concept and focus of your thought? And if these don’t fit, you gotta practice saying no!

This is snippets of a reading I found and thought it profound!
Thought I would share.
I have been being mindful of language lately an particularly "should", it is funny how when we are being deliberate and changing our approach, how things "coincidentally" fall into our paths.

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