Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Much

 So. Yeah. I haven't blogged much lately.
Been meaning to, just haven't quite mustered the vibe.
So much to say.
These shots are from a Solstice Party.
Yep, WAY back then, last year!
So Much has happened in between.
At least I am starting to catch up.

We drove to Moscow, Idaho on the Friday before the Solstice.
We visited my sister, Annie and her family in their new house.
We had a lovely hommade dinner with them and then went downtown to music at a coffee shop.

Saturday we met friends at a trailhead and has our first ever "dark&stormy" (awesome cocktail) and then skied in a mile or two or so with heavy packs laden with food and beverages and warm clothing and sleeping bags and spent a lovely night up on Moscow Mountian at a very cool place.
Food, Fun, Fellowship, Fireworks, bon-fire....night skiing on the ridge....
All in all a grand time!
Downhill trekking with much lighter packs the next day was heaven! 

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