Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Wedding, what did you expect?! Random Shots

Mikes parents on the chairlift.
I bet no one ever thought they'd see this day!
Mike and his mom, flanked by Bruce Howard (right) and Michael Gaskill.

The groom awaiting his bride, note the little bags hanging on Emmetts ski poles....those are the rings! Emmett was thrilled to be able to ski with poles today! And he was the one that got the sledding started later in the evening! He was tired from skiing and beginning to bonk, but then our little friend, Mazzy, brought it to his attention that there were 11 cakes! You know kids and numbers, they counted and re-counted and urged the groom and bride to get with it and cut those babies! Once he had cake, Emmett was raring to go again; dancing and sledding!

Unidentified folks on their way to the summit through the fog.
The bon fire with the lit up lodge in the background, I love this foto!
This is our home away from home!

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