Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Solstice Gathering

We gathered for the weekend for a Winter Solstice Celebration including feasting, as you can see by the size of that crab leg Mike is posing with! Yes! That is a crab leg, just a wee part of one leg! We forgot to put the holiday crackers on the table in all the excitement of getting the crab out, so no photos of us in our lovely paper crowns this year! Heck!
Here are Natassia and Silas, the betrothed.
They are planning a February 2010 wedding at our local Turner Mountain Ski Hill.
We will keep you posted on all that as it evolves.

This is Costa, beau of Molly, and I, color coordinated once again (I swear we did not plan this!) breaking a nice cross country ski path through the neighborhood.

This is Costa being ever helpful and pulling us girls uphill with Silas snowmobile .
Our intent was to pack the road down with the plastic sleds to make it better for the runner sleds on the way down. It never got very fast.

Nat and I whooping as we got covered with snow from the tracks of the snowmobile, we got a longer rope the next run!

Here we are, the girls! Even color coordinated (not on purpose, I guess we all just like the same colors!) for our outing on sleds.

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