Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Day in The Life

Well, I worked up a beautiful card to send as a "Happy New Year" card to everyone as I was tardy in getting anything out for Christmas and thought folks might like to get a piece or "real mail" that wasn't a bill in January.... but the printing costs nearly caused me to have a heart attack.
I wanted to share photos and anecdotes and just a piece of our life and "BLOG" stormed into my head. It is not fancy, but has proven easy so far!
So here is the start; the blog from our corner of the world in Montana. Porcupine Creek. That is the beautiful little stream that flows through our property and helps keep it lush and wonderful all summer (through the miles-not exaggerating- of hose that Mike has running everywhere!).
Enjoy, comment and be part of our lives, our world!

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