Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bull Lake 365

 We have had 4 glorious days of great ice AND sunshine!
Just look!

 Mighty Ibex Peak.
Love this place.
One can only get this view from the middle of the Lake,
on skates or in a boat (or swimming).

 My tele-blades.
These babies are FAST!
They are Finnish. You just slip your boots onto the blades and speed off.

 I wonder what it sounds like when the ice heaves up like this?
I skated Saturday and went home, came back and skated Saturday night and the ice
wasn't like this, just a compression crack,
came back Sunday to this big heave filled with water on either side!
It is fun to skate over, makes me feel rad!
And post skate glass of wine with Zeek on the deck, soaking in some of that
winter light!

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