Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunny September Sunday

Sitting on the grass in the afternoon sun, the height of September sun:
it is warm temperature-wise but somehow it just doesn't pack the
heat of August sun.
There is a slight breeze and a redtail hawk is riding a thermal and calling out,
 perhaps with joy or with a message to something unknown to me,
here on the ground cleaning garlic.

....scapes in my hand....
I am peeling the dirty skins off the bulbs and brushing the dirt
 from the root hairs,
...scapes in and out of their covers....
puncturing the tight covers of the scapes
 and freeing the bulbils from their womb-like package;
the paper released from both actions flying about me in the breeze.
.....scapes in the pan....
It is a good way to idle away an hour on a sunny September Sunday.

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