Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Stuff

I got these new art markers. I was telling cousin Meaghan about them and she asked me a bunch of questions about them, so I decided to show her! the big markers are my new ones.
They have double tips; a broad side and a thin side and they work like a water color wash on the broad side and they also are great for laying color to make shadows and depth.
The other pens are some old ones I have had for ages and they have very fine tips and more colors of gray, which is great!
The doodles and envelopes are what keeps me occupied during conference calls or meetings, to keep my focus so that I don't drift off into the outer abyss! The envelopes are magazine pages that were pretty, I covered up the words and ads with other pretty images.

OOps! and this one didn't turn like it was told to!
It is a page in a little birthday booklet I made for a friend.

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