Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Show

Here is my bike, I am sitting on the settee in the camper looking out the backdoor.
The following shot is Mike waiting for breakfast in the same location
with the morning light filtering in through the pop-up windows.
And the third shot is of the kitchen, note the fabulous upolstery fabric on the settee seat!
You can also glimpse our bedroom...
Our new road trip caravan!
It is really convenient, comfy and fun!

Views from the maiden voyage of the camper and the bike rack and the pick-up truck all aquired by Mike through craigslist!
Mike has been driving the truck, but this was the first trip the truck took with the camper on it.
The bike rack fits on the hitch and the sweet thing is that you can open the door and have access with the bikes on the rack!

Here is our camp site, the second night out.
We were in a sweet spot along side the North Fork of the St. Joe River.
The foto below is our first nights camping spot,
it was along Bullion Creek up the NF of the St.Joe when we were enroute to
the Hiawatha bike trail.
We left home and travelled over Thompson Pass into Idaho, went over some other pass into Wallace and then took some 30 mile dirt road toward the
Hiawatha Trail Head nearest to Avery Idaho.

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