Friday, May 8, 2009

What smells like a skunk?

Yep! Skunk Cabbage! Isn't it pretty?! ...and the unfurling ferns on the stream bank? Wow!
What a gorgeous day!
However, while taking these fotos I sunk my right foot deep into the mire and it came out covered with muck up to my knees. I had to wash it off in the creek and walk home with one wet foot!
This is a foto of pretty moss, but if you really look closely, you might be able to detect a trillium in the foreground. That moss covered cottonwood trunk was just so pretty today! (did you look close at the fotos and see the stream hiding behind the subjects?)

And as you can see, it was snowing up high on the mountain, but nice down where I was wandering. This kind of weather always makes for dramatic light....I wish I was a good enough fotograffer to capture the magic of said light!


  1. Those ferns that you took a photo of.... Those are fiddle heads! We eat them and they are served at fancy restaurants in the east. A little butter and garlic=delicious.

  2. I wondered if they were?
    Are you really sure? I'd hate to poison us!

  3. I think you are absoulutely amazing at taking pictures. I love the one of your porch, i wanna come relax on it!!!!

  4. LOL at the above comments! I'm REALLY LOL! I'm like you... would just LOVE to try , the butter and garlic and fern sound SO exotic! I'd feel like a forest nymph eating them... but 'MR CAUTIOUS' always steps in to ruin the fun... 'what if?' he says and the whole fantasy is ruined! GO AWAY, Mr Cautious! I want to be a FOREST NYMPH!
    I'm so glad to have found you... you have created such a peaceful, inspirational space here... Your quotes speak to me... I'll be visiting often!